My, Devotion to Him #7

VERSE PASSAGE: John 4:32 "But he saith unto them, I have meat to eat that ye know not of." - NIV

VERSE PASSAGE: Matthew 4:4 "Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God." - NIV

Food is essential for life. Without it we couldn't grow. We get strength and vitality from food. Yet food can kill us. Improper diets kill more people than any disease. Our soul needs nourishment too. The things we think on and the desires that we have are food to our souls. Jesus valued spiritual nourishment more than He valued physical nourishment. We should set our desires on the things of God so that spiritual matters are more important to us than our physical food. The wrong diet for our souls is the leading cause of failure and depression in Christians. Being spiritually minded produces life and peace. Being carnally minded produces death (Rom. 8:6).

Another thing is that when we live like the world our minds are set on the things of the world. When this happens we are starving our spirit man and we have set our soul on a very unhealthy diet. 

For some taking care of their body is constantly running through their minds. But is this the same energy we use to take care of our spiritual body?

Jesus said that He has food that we no not of. He has spiritual food for us waiting. It's in the word. We read the word and food is deposited into us. The simplest way to make sure you receive the food in which you need, is to make sure you eating the right food in the first place. You cannot give a baby a steak and you cannot give an adult baby food as complete meals. Why? These are not sustainable to fulfill the requirements of the body. A baby eats baby food in which has all the needed ingredients, and dosage for the baby. A steak would be logical for an adult, due to its size, time it takes to chew on it, and help to get it down. You see Christianity is the same way. First you must drink the milk, eat the baby food, eat small portions, work up the ladder to a buffet round of specialty items. This is the most successful way to insure that you are fed exactly what your spirit man can take. As you do this God will reveal to you food in which you knew not of. 

Christians do not be worried, afraid, or discouraged by eating the baby food. For if we never learn to eat the easy stuff how can we ever eat the tough stuff?


1. Spiritual food is essential for our spiritual life.

2. We need to set our minds on spiritual things and not worldly things.

3. The same energy we use to take care of our bodies we need to use to take care of our spiritual bodies.

4. We need to eat spiritual food that is just right for our spiritual level. 

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