Spirit Warrior Ministry is spearheaded by Jacob D. Olinger. This Ministry seeks to teach people God's Word, train them in God's Word, and build them into spirit warriors for God's kingdom.

This Ministry has been operating since February 2017. This Ministry currently uses a mix of devotional/sermonette messages, and audio messages to accomplish the goals of this Ministry.

Current Program: My, Devotion to Him: A Daily Devotional


Director of Spirit Warrior Ministry
Jacob Olinger

Jacob has spent the last 15 years serving the Lord. 10 years serving the Church as either a drummer, singer, sound/media tech, and youth leader. And the last 1 year running Spirit Warrior Ministry.
Jacob has sat under 5 Youth Pastors, 5 Senior Pastors, and has served under 1 Youth Pastor.
Jacob has one published book 
The Road to Forgiveness in Christ (2016) and The Lazarus Project (2017)
Jacob has wrote over 150 devotional messages since operating Spirit Warrior Ministry.

Jacob Olinger was born and raised in Garden City, KS, a 4th generation Kansan. Now resides in the state of Tennessee with his wife, Mariah. 

Jacob over the years has had many spiritual battles, as he has had to endure a full scale assault on his life beginning at a very young age. Demonic activity ran rampant in his mind and life. At a young age as well he found out his father was actually his step dad. Anger and rage fueled him for years and he struggled having a good relationship with his father. He battled in his mind daily, worthlessness and depression. 

Jacob has fought daily to stay on course with Christ, though he would battle often with demonic presences that would torment him. Jacob at the age of 12 was falsely accused of high crimes that would ruin his family financially. Friends and Church members of the family soon jumped ship and broke off ties to the family and once again Jacob would be dragged through another battle for his mind and potentially his life. 

After the dust had settled and the battle came to an end Jacob would not see rest for very long. A few years later he started to have health issues pertaining to his heart area, once again Jacob would be dragged though another fight for his life. After seeing several doctors and specialist and all producing no results Jacob attempted suicide.

His faith in Christ has played a major role in his life in helping him get through this. He quotes "Christ has given me the strength to continue living". Jacob has a passion to help others in their walk with Christ. He seeks through this Ministry to help unleash Gods Word into peoples lives. Train people to become Spiritual Warriors for the kingdom of God. Jacob seeks to awaken the church, unleash Gods Word in a blunt fashion, and train Spirit Warriors for the Lords Army. 

After running Spirit Warrior Ministry for 1 year Jacob Olinger & his wife Mariah Olinger are looking to now step into full time ministry. Whichever position is opened to them and which ever one they take. Spirit Warrior Ministry will continue onward!