Endorsement: "(The Lazarus Projectoffers Christians an invigorating challenge, and Published Author Jacob Olinger does so with a message that grips the heart.  Penetrating yet practical, it beckons believers to boldly embrace the call to action as a witness for Jesus Christ.  This book brings a fresh perspective to the greatest mission of all.  The world needs this message, and every Christian needs this book!  Jacob Olinger has an open and engaging writing style which makes for an enjoyable read.  This book provides an excellent guide for Christians."

Owen Hisle
Award Winning Actor, Producer, Director, Acting Coach, Motivational Speaker
Aurora, Colorado

Endorsement: "The Lazarus Project is very convicting! It will challenge you to grow in your faith and truly see how much God loves you! Jacob Olinger has a way with words that makes this book easy to understand. This book should be on every shelf in America. Pick up this book and embark on an incredible journey." 

Lisa Stillwell 

Award Winning Author, Owner of C&S Christian Publishing

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Endorsement: "While reading this book you are reminded that God is always speaking to us, even in the toughest situations. You learn that when God works it's always something God-sized. When we come to realize what real faith can do I believe we will see impossible things in His name be done"

Justin Johnson

Youth Pastor, former Youth Leader, and Worship Leader

Endorsement: "This is a well written book. There are spiritual truths and organization that can be found throughout the book. The notes are very important and useful for Christians to use as training" 

Tom Newsom

Former Youth Leader

Review: “What an amazing book!! I have been a Christian for over 50 years. I guess I thought I knew the account of Lazarus quite well. But, Jacob brought out some thought-provoking points that I had missed or not thought of!! I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to read this amazing little book!! Be blessed, Jacob and keep up the good fight of the faith!!” - evelyntennessee

Review: "I read this book for a few specific reasons: First it was written by the son of a friend was is closer than family, I was curious about Jacob's writing skills, and the topic interested me. My bias will be apparent and so I wanted to preface this review in this manner. I will also point out I am not a Christian, and though I once considered myself to be a Christian, I am not qualified nor do I have the desire to speak on the context or veracity of the biblical references. I will only comment on the writing, format and the author.
Jacob is an intelligent man just in the beginning of his adult journey. This book is written from the perspective of a young man - what other perspective could he have? The writing is well done though it is obvious he is yet inexperienced. Expect this young man to grow in his skill as an author as he continues to write.
The format of the book is well thought out. It flows from one point to the next in a logical way that keeps the reader involved. This book could very well be a men's leadership seminar. It is written as a presenter would speak. The narration reminds me of such a seminar.
I recommend this book to the young man seeking guidance. Anyone reading this book will learn or at the least see something from a new perspective on the topic. However, I feel this book is written for the young man just beginning his adult journey - which is the author's perspective."  - 
Michael Stimatze

Review: "Excellent book on understanding the need to forgive others as Christ pours His mercy upon us day by day. How do we justify withholding what has been freely given to us." - Phyllis Holland 

Review: It has been my great joy to get to know this amazing young man and his precious wife. He has blessed me with his words, testimony, and wise advice. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and his explanations of WHOSE we are and how we should forgive others. Since we are not perfect, it also gave me insight on how others should forgive me when I fail. Great job, my friend! God bless you, and continue to do His work and follow His Will.” -evelyntennessee